Thank you letter to Mr. Dave Mark

We talked with Mr. Dave Mark this morning. He is an export for Game AI. From today's talk, I realize that AI should not be made so strong. If it is really good, the players can notwin the game. As a result, the game is not interesting at all. An AI should amuse people better instead of being an show-off project of the programmer. So it is important to find the balance. 

The answer to the black squares problem

For each small square, it has a colour and a number. The number of thesmall square equals how long the length of biggest black square whose bottom right corner is this small square is.

1. Search the first row and the first line. If the small square is black, the number of it will be 1. If the small square is white, the number of it will be 0

2. Search the next row and line. If the small square is black, the number of it will be 1 plus the smallest one of a,b,c. If the small square is white, the number will be 0

3. Repeat doing 2 until each small square has a number

4. Find the biggest number and it is the answer

Time consume: O(nm)

My board game

My board game is a combination of 24-point and a ordinary board game. At the end of each turn, there will be a 24-point game and the winner can have the special ability to trun over a square of the the map. The first one who get to the destination successfully will be the winner of the game.

Projects with AI

There are two projects made by my team with an easy AI. One is paper, scissors and stone. The AI can learn from you and make a choice depend on how you play at the former time. The other is Tic, Tac, Toe. I program an AI for it and it can win anyboby. I think it interesting to program AI.

Tic, Tac, Toe:

Paper, scissors, stone:

Thank you letter to Mr. Noah Falstein

Today our guest speaker is Mr. Noah Falstein, the cheif game designer from Google. When he talked about what matters a good game, he said that we should have passion and it is important to care about what the players like. You should believe your game and even if it do not succeed, you can get a lesson from it. So being creative and having a dream to make a good game is important. Thank you very much!


My favourite topics from this class are algorithms, game AI and simulations. I want to study it for a long time.

Algorithms is ways to solve the question. It is the basic of computer science although it appeared much earlier than the computer existed. It is important that almost everything about computer needs it. It is so amazing to slove a question, so I like it.

Game AI is used in all the competitive games. When you play the game alone, there is an AI acts like a person and play the game with you. Without a good AI, the game will be too easy and that leads to no player plays alone.

Simulation is to do similar to something else. I find it interesting to nake the game looks more real.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence appears almost everywhere in our life. Many of the eletrical products have artificial intelligence to help us live a better life. Artificial intelligence does what we tell it. They can learn, simulate and do a lot of other things, but all of what it does is controlled by the humans. As a result, we call it artificial intelligence. It can make our life more convenient.

Thank you letter to Tronster Hartley

Today we talked to Tronster Hartley, a programmer as well as a game designer. During the talk, he said that learning psychology is benificial to making a good game. After learning it, we can understand the players well. I think he cares for the players very much. He accepts mods made by the players and he said the players are creative and perhaps can make the game better.

Game review for argument champion

Argument champion is an interesting game. It is about how a debate goes on and who finally wins the debate. Although it is not real, it conclude the idea of connect things with another which occurs frequently in debates.

Ludus: to win the argument

Paida: connect the ideas with each other and finally get to your opinion

Narrative: a preson want to defeat others in the argument and become the strongest one.

Arduino project

This day we do a project with Arduino. We use LED, buzzer and other items to make a circuit. We made a program to let the buzzer play Cannon, a really beautiful song which is liked by one of my classmate. It is so cool, I never imagine I can make a project so easily like this. Photos were taken by Billy and I haven't got it yet.